Rhynard Law began in 2012 as a solo operation with a single client. At the time the focus was food law & nutrition. Since then the client base grew as did the scope of services. Improving health remains at the heart of what we do; however, the approach at which that is achieved has expanded.

Rhynard Law serves businesses, schools, government entities, trade organizations, and other law firms. Rhynard Law provides legal consulting services at points where the law intersects with health. Rhynard Law blends its knowledge of law and health to service clients.

Today our focus areas include: Food, Nutrition, Workplace Wellness, School Wellness, Employee Health Benefits, and Food & Nutrition and Intellectual Property.


  • Flexible predictable pricing plans fit to your needs.
  • fixed monthly fees based on set number of hours (monthly retainer)
  • flat fee per project
  • hourly rates
  • no charge for basic phone calls